PlyPlay™ is a low formaldehyde plywood, manufactured from sustainably-grown plantation pine. Wall and ceiling lining, joinery and furniture made from PlyPlay is the healthy solution for projects such as hospitals, houses, schools, childcare centres and more.



  • Ultra low formaldehyde emissions

  • Contributes to Green Star points

  • CARB Phase 2 compliant

  • AS/NZS compliant

  • LEED compliant

  • FSC certified

  • Highly durable coating VOC free coating

  • Natural light colour

  • Light weight and stable

  • Easy cutting and machining

  • Supplied with a self-adhesive protective film



PlyPlay™ is based on quality plywood panels that have been prefinished with an environmentally friendly factory-applied UV paint finish.  This finish is a hardwearing, scratch resistant satin or gloss system that gives a clear natural look.  It is also available in a blonded option or a selection of coloured finishes. You can purchase PlyPlay™ from CARTERS.



PlyPlay™ comes in two timber options: pine for walls and birch for cabinetry.

Our premium pine for walls is an ARAUCO plywood from Chile.

We supply birch for cabinetry, manufactured by SyPly in Russia.

  • SyPly™Birch has a beautiful light-coloured appearance with an excellent surface quality.

  • It is ideal for furniture and cabinetry with the texture adding special value for interior design.

  • SyPly™Birch can be machined with ease. It has excellent durability, wear resistance and surface hardness valued by users.

  • Download the SyPly plywood brochure.


Panel Options


  • Panel: 2400mm x 1200mm

  • Thickness: 12mm

  • Face grade: Class I (BD)

  • Coating: Single-Side


  • Panel: 2440mm x 1220mm

  • Thicknesses: 12mm / 18mm / 25mm

  • Face grades: Birch B & BB*. The face side of the 18mm is identified with a PlyPlay™ label

  • Coating: single-side for 12mm and double-side for 18mm / 25mm

  • Note: the BB face has small patches



When delivered to site, the coated faces are supplied with removable protective film.



PlyPlay™ is best cut on site using a Festool TS55R Plunge Circular Saw, 160 diameter, 48 alternate bevel tungsten-tip teeth.



Raw edge guide

PlyPlay™ is sold with raw edges. When you need to seal the edges – when detailed with exposed edges, for example – we recommend using Cabot’s stains and finishes. Download our technical guide for colour matching and how to finish the edges.



We recommend cleaning the PlyPlay™ panels when required with a warm damp cloth and a mild detergent.  Avoid any solvents or abrasive cleaners.   



PlyPlay™ is a natural product and as such is subject to batch to batch variation.  To minimise this variation, we recommend ordering all product required in one job order an installation, as there may be some variation in grain and colour between batches.



PlyPlay™ radiata plywood has excellent acoustic characteristics due to the thin wall cellular structure which absorbs the energy from sound waves.   Further technical information on accoustic performance is available on request.



PlyPlay™ has been been tested by BRANZ to 1530 Part 3.  The test gave a 0 (zero) spread of flame index and 3 (three) smoke developed index.


Handling and Storage

PlyPlay™ requires care in storage and handling.  The following suggestions will help keep PlyPlay™ in good condition before use and after installation:

  • The storage area should be protected from sun, rain and wind that would otherwise bring about rapid changes in temperature and humidity;

  • Support for the sheets should be provided at both ends and middle to avoid distortion. Ensure bearers in packs above are aligned over bearers below (to avoid inducing curves in sheets);

  • The stack should be kept dry and clear of ground contact, and placed so that it will not be exposed to mechanical damage

  • The sheets should be stacked flat, NOT on edge

  • To avoid staining, fading and surface checking, the sheets should not be exposed to the weather while awaiting installation

Preferably panels should be installed by qualified tradesmen and handled with care.  Panels are supplied with a protective self-adhesive film that should be removed after installations.



PlyPlay™ wall panels are based on AraucoPly, which is certified A-Bond using an Exterior Phenol-Formaldehyde resin, emission class Super E0 in accordance with Standard AS/NZS 2098.11 - “Determination of Formaldehyde Emissions”. AraucoPly also complies with other international Low Formaldehyde Emission (LFE) requirements like Japanese Standard JAS Super-E0 or F★★★★.

While the Formaldehyde Emission limit in AS/NZS 2269.0:2012 is max 0.40 mg/L for Super E0, AraucoPly’s emission is typically below 0.03 mg/L. For more details see page 16 of the AraucoPly brochure.

PlyPlay™ birch cabinetry panels are based on SyPly with an adhesive strength and content of formaldehyde corresponding to the requirements of BFU 100 DIN 68705-3 standard. SyPly has ultra-low emission of formaldehyde (class E1). See page 11 of the SyPly plywood brochure.


Fixing Options

PlyPlay™ can be installed using a variety of fastening and fixing methods depending on the degree of fastener concealment desired.

  • General fixing techniques include:

  • Nailing (including panel pins), screw and gluing

  • Use of scotia/ dado & skirtings to hide joints and fixings

  • Battens and rafters to hide joints

  • Creating design features of mechanical fasteners (such as use of rose head fasteners)

  • Negative detailing between panel edges

Fixings for non bracing walls & ceilings

Nails: Use 40 mm panel pins at 150 mm centres at sheet edges and 300 mm centres on intermediate supports.  Daubs of a polyurethane based adhesive such as Holdfast Gorilla Grip or Fix All 220 Sealant at 300 mm centres is recommended on all framing members.

Where back nailing over rafters use galvanised flat head nails 40 x 2.5 mm.

Screws: Use 8g x 40 mm screws and adhesive as per nail specifications.

Adhesives Only (not suitable for ceiling applications)

Panels may be fixed with a bead of polyurethane based adhesive on all frame supports.  Sheets must be supported by applying pressure during the adhesive curing process in accordance with the adhesive manufacturer specifications or with mechanical fasteners such as nails, panel pins or screws at 300 mm centres on all supporting framing.

Holdfast® Adhesive Only Wall System

Holdfast® has developed an installation method for Ecoply appearance plywood when used for internal wall linings (not suitable for use in ceiling applications).

The system uses a two stage process utilising Holdfast Fix All 220MS and Gator UHB double sided tape.  The Gator tape provides initial fixing support for panels while a permanent bond is established using the Fix All 220MS.

When installed according to Holdfast technical specifications this system can eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners and / or bracing support during the adhesive curing process.

For specifications and technical support regarding this system, contact Holdfast on 0800 70 10 80 or visit to download specifications.

Acoustic Slotted Sheet

For concealed fixing please specify stepped slots which give a landing at the end of the slot through which to fix screw.   For surface screw fixing use countersunk stainless screws 7 gauge x 25mm long minimum.

Acoustic Sheets With Mulit-Wole Configuration

Use countersunk stainless screws with a head size slightly larger than the hole size and drive in until flush with the surface.

PlyPlay Installation Video

PlyPlay transforms a garage into a play space.


PlyPlay In Use

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