Casa C is a project that reinvents an historic building in the mountain valley of picturesque Reckingen – Gluringen, Switzerland.  Once an animal barn, it is now a holiday home for families to enjoy in the mountains. 

Architecture firm Camponovo Baumgautner –otherwise known as CBA, started this beautiful renovation in 2011 and completed in 2012. 

Because of the village it resides in being protected by historic preservation laws, the challenge was to keep the building façade whilst breathing new life into the interior and making it a habital space to live in. 


From the outside it still looks like a rustic barn with dark 100 year old timber being all you can see – but step inside and you will be pleasantly surprised by how much light and warmth you are presented with, just by limiting the use of materials to plywood walls and cabinetry, and native Larch timber flooring. 

We think the result is absolutely stunning. The coloured elements around the fireplace reminded us of our pre-finished Ply-play panels, and complement the laser cut patterns on selected walls seen in the living space and high stud ceilings throughout. 

Bedrooms are wonderful, sacred spaces to be thought about carefully when adding finishes. In this instance the bedroom is very calm using plywood on all surfaces and if Ply-play panels were added in one of our colours as a feature wall it would bring it even more into a special space you can’t wait to retreat to!

Images courtesy of CBA and taken by Jose Hevia