Canadian Architectural firm Naturehumaine has successfully responded to the tricky brief of creating a residential space that can accommodate the athletic pursuits of the owner’s children. 


Naturehumaine has cleverly configured this urban home into a series of  simple planes within the two storey height. Two ply covered “floating” boxes are supported by a long black box that houses part of the kitchen, the stairway and services like wash facilities and other utilities. Within the ply covered boxes are the bedroom and bathrooms. 

What is fantastic about this project is the main focus has been around keeping part of this full height space for the children to learn and grow atheletically with their gymnastic pursuits. Knocks and rough use, particularly by children are not a problem with PlyPlay panels, as they are hardwearing, scratch resistant with an environmentally factory-applied UV paint finish. 


You can see the Naturally Naked  ply is a complementary and honest feel that supports these types of physical activities and with such overwhelming height to the space the ply brings a sense of calm in a way which only natural product can do.

We love how the panels show the natural grain of the plywood running parallel to the building structure. Naturehumaine has complemented the natural feel of the timber with soft grey paint and simple built in joinery for different living areas. 

You may have heard of the term ‘Biophilia’ which is all about bringing elements of nature into the spaces that we inhabit to enhance and better our wellbeing.

In this instance PlyPlay plywood panels can be a really easy way to make the space feel and look better.  What better product to use for a home that doubles up as a gym where clean air is paramount? Particularly with excess moisture in the air from the physical exertion, the pre-finished ply panels would be very easy to maintain. With PlyPlay product, all that is needed is a damp cloth and mild detergent, no abrasive cleaners or solvents. 


All photos courtesy of Adrien Williams