Spanish architect Raúl Sanchez of RAS Arquitectura has successfully used laminated ply panels to divide and transform this basementapartment into a light reflecting space. 

Apartment Tibbaut as it is known, is the converted vault basement of a house in Barcelona, Spain. Built between 2014-2015 this 55sqm space has completely changed from the dark humid space it once was.

 With limited openings and light coming in from the outside Sanchez used a limited colour palette of plywood, concrete and painted white surfaces to maximise the light in this space. 

Apartment Tibbaut6.jpg

Using plywood in a small and perhaps darker space is a simple yet cost effective way to make it feel larger and more light-filled with aesthetically pleasing results.

Ply-play pre-finished paneling can really add warmth and enhance your space and if needed you can add a touch of colour to personalise each room from the  ply-play colour palette. Ply-play would have been perfect for this project to help define particular areas with soft colour, transforming the space into your personal haven.


Photos courtesy of RAS Arquitectura and taken by Jose Hevia.